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Searle Lane Bar & Rotisserie, QUEENSTOWN, Otago

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13 Church St
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(03) 441 3934
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About Searle Lane Bar & Rotisserie: 

You will find us tucked in between, Church Street and Searle Lane in downtown Queenstown, which is a pretty nice place to be really.

You can come to us for all kinds of occasions, we are famous for our outstandingly tasty meals, our quality beers and wines, our roaring fire and our flirtatious staff.

We are the ultimate place to go for the following; (This list is far from comprehensive)

- A reasonably priced Heineken
- Fixing your craving for slow cooked rotisserie chicken
- Drying out your feet after a day up the mountain
- Overly keen barmen
- Drowning your sorrows after yet another loss at indoor netball
- Picking up a ski instructor (not reccomended)
- To meet someone who has lived in Queenstown for longer than three months
- A big date, if our chocolate fondue to share doesn't seal the deal, you've got no hope

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Reviews (1)

lydia.chote's picture


7 years 2 months ago

I have my bar managers licence and my sister we have been on a holiday with our father on a ski trip .
Together we were kicked out on the dance floor with out 50 year old father for dancing on the dance floor at about 11.30pm.
Having a good time, while next to us was a GIRL AND A GUY GRINDING rubbing on each others parts a.k.a genitals on the dance floor... but apparently that's ok? But here we are dancing as HUMANS not grinding "dropping low" feeling other peoples parts , or dancing on tables smashing drinks which was happening around us ...we are just being normal people after a dinner and two beers and a spa. Not being raciest as I am Lebanese.. a bouncer with a beard, middle east looking physically pushed me and my sister calling us sluts and white trash and to Fuck off in those exact words and get out as we tried to ask why we were getting kicked out . After we tried to ask and talk to the bouncer why were getting kicked out being ignored, asking for the manager who refused to talk to me my sister and father. My sister 24years and I were both pushed and abused by this man. We tried to call the police and they didn't turn up as usual . We will be taking this further as we were "claimed" as intoxicated witch is not true . I think we can all relate 2 beers is nothing and to be treated like this is not ok especially as I work in hospitality and one of the busiest bars and restaurants in Wellington New Zealand and KNOW how the system runs. We will be taking this further as I am disgusted and will not rest to be treated like this spending thousands of dollars on a town for a holiday and a good time. I'm very disappointed in your bar and service, u need to work on a few things despite the tourist and disgusting behaviour in you bar.

A 0 out of 10, would love the bar owners details for my sister father and I to contact.
Never seen such bad service in my life and I have personally travelled and my sister.
The bouncers can say what they want to get out of it, like they were drunk/ intoxicated
but I was as SOBER as they were as well as my father 50 years and 24 year old sister jus looking for a good time on holiday .


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