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Albury Tavern, ALBURY, Canterbury

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1566 SH 8
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03 6855910
About Albury Tavern: 

Affordable Accommodation in the heart of South Canterbury

Albury is a small town in the heart of South Canterbury. It is on the way to Tekapo, Mount Cook and Queenstown. It is a destination in itself as there are so many things to do from there: Hunting, shooting, walking, fishing, playing tennis, and golfing.

On the way to the Albury Inn you can see the Southern Alps and the alpine lakes are nearby. To the north of Albury there are the famous Canterbury plains. To the south, the old gold mining area of Central Otago. To the east there are rivers and the ocean.

In this magnificent countryside, Albury Inn offers affordable accommodation for fishermen, hunters, bicyclists and tourists.

Upstairs at the Inn we have rooms of different sizes. We provide single and double/twin bedrooms.

This Inn has tennis courts 2 min walk away and golf courses within easy driving distance.

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